SELECT creates BUSINESS SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS that are essential for the back office of every enterprise. This simply means that we take care of all the daily business transactions that occur, whether that is filling out tax forms or inserting a new asset in the company's portfolio or even creating financial statements of the company. We do that by applying the most sophisticated methods of software development that enables the company to cut maintenance costs, better allocate human resources and ultimately having the most reliable information in the least amount of time.

SELECT has accomplished this, by creating three unique new systems:

  • The Cost Accounting System (Analytical Accounting), which is launched at the beginning of the fiscal year without a single account. During the year, accounts are opened automatically without the user having to make a connection - no accounting books needed.


  • The Cross Checking and Updates system, which is initiated at break-even time for the system and runs on a daily basis to ensure full and complete agreement among all the circuits, at no cost.


  • The Short-term, Annual Results system, which makes forecasts (E.g. Payroll, Depreciation, Insecure Claims, Outstanding accounts, Inventory Costing, etc.) and runs completely automatically at any time chosen by the user. Furthermore, the system performs the data entries to close the books and issues numerous statements which cover the tax liabilities of the company and produces explanatory printouts of all the data that the user needs clarification for.

Due to this enriched accounting system, SELECT allows customers to check "the financial status" of the company in real time at any time. At the same time our company ensures the reliability and timeliness of the information, by cross checking the results that are produced by different areas of business activity!