Liquidity, equity, cash inflows, outflows, company obligations, automatic updates from subsystems


This is the ultimate entrepreneurial tool!

The Cash Flow system is the latest and most advanced tool for monitoring the business' equity. It automatically collects data from the application subsystems; it is updated with all the latest legislation and statutory laws concerning the payment methods of the company's liabilities and provides a full report of the cash availables. It allows the client to control all its direct and indirect expenses towards its employees, third parties and the government and also its requirements from customers, suppliers, etc.

It also allows them to perform comparative work between current and previous fiscal years and make budgeting studies according to future liabilities. Based on all this information, they can, in an informed manner, implement pricing strategies, make investment decisions, determine their position relative to the competition, make budgeting decisions and prepare a Business Plan.

Cash Flow and Budgeting Also Includes:

  • Cash Collections/Payments per day/month
  • Annual collections/payments
  • Chart of cash liabilities per tax
  • Chart of cash liabilities per insurance fund
  • Chart of cash liabilities per loan




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