Accounting Support

Accounting, tax issues, bookkeeping companies of all categories applicable


Upon recording and studying each enterprise's operational needs, Select Software offers accounting support services that are specifically designed to help each company better deal with its accounting issues.


Some of these services include:

  • Organization of the Chart of Accounts and Cost Accounting.
  • Organization of the Accounting Department. (Assets, Suppliers, Payroll, etc.).
  • Automatic creation of new fiscal year and the transfer of balance figures in subsystems of the application (Create opening Balance Sheet).
  • Continuous support in Accounting and Taxation issues.
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure the proper implementation of the laws concerning the operation of the Accounting Department and Taxation Regulations in accordance with International Accounting Standards.
  • Computerization of all statements - certifications submitted to the Government or to civilians (Value Added Tax [FPA], Payroll Tax [FMY], Intrastat via e-mail, Employment Organization [OAED] certificates, Social Security, etc).


Reliable cross reference of data

  • Definition of Internal Processes.
  • Installation of the Short-term/Annual Results System (balance sheet of the company automatically).
  • Cross reference the data from all subsystems using Audit and Agreements programs.



  • Cost reduction of the Accounting Department.
  • Time saving of Data entry.
  • Validity and Data Security.
  • Export specialized studies (statistical studies, economic forecasts, etc.).