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Applications for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

  • General Accounting - Standard Articles, certified statements, financial documents.
  • Cost (Analytical) Accounting - Cost centers, automated account creation in analytical accounting (without any intervention by the user).
  • Customers - Salespeople / Sales Managers - Sales Inspectors - Sales regions - Chains-groups-Franchises - Geographical Analysis - Receipts - Doubtful Customers.
  • Suppliers - Credit policy.
  • Securities - Notes payable/receivable, checks receivable/payable, promissory notes
  • Receipts - Payments - Invoices, Salespeople's payments/takings (receipts).
  • Inventory Management - Management & control of inventory/items, Storage areas.
  • Sales Orders - Purchasing - Delivery schedules, planning requirements.
  • Purchasing - Pricing - Distribution, Invoice Management/documentation.
  • Sales - Wholesale/Retail, Invoice Management/documentation, pricing policy, pricelists, rebates, credit periods, Sales cost, Batches, Serial numbers, exports, imports, outstanding sales notes.
  • Starting/Ending Inventory - Storage areas, Periodic inventories, orders and ongoing inventory, Costing, Quantity-Value-Pricing control.
  • Production Management - Composition, Technical specifications, Cost of production.



  • It has an advanced, flexible and user-friendly interface.
  • It has an advanced managerial information system.
  • It has an enriched and scaled functionality that covers small and medium sized businesses.
  • It has great potential of adjustment and expansion in order to meet every intricate need as it appears on the daily business operation.
  • It uses the flexibility of the Windows environment. Additionally, it exploits the benefits and capabilities of the SQL Server Database.
  • It has an advanced security system for the protection of the data based on the user access rights.