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Applications for Medium and Large sized Businesses

Includes Select Business modules and also:

  • Imports - Import Folders - Intrastat
  • Asset Management - Annual/Monthly depreciation, goodwill, development laws.
  • Third party fees - Freelancers, Board Members
  • Tax Monitoring - VAT printout - VAT control, VAT Expenditures, VAT Liquidation statement, FMY statements (payroll taxes), Contractors, Architects-Engineers, interest income, Aggregate - Liquidation, Confirmations.
  • Updates, Auditing, Accordance Programs
  • Updates of General - Analytical Accounting from subsystems automatically
  • Data Check (audited accounting articles, Master file rank check, Taxes, billing control - credit per day, etc.)
  • Agreements between subsystems and General Accounting (Assets, Inventory, Customers, Imports, Notes receivable, Suppliers, Notes payable, Exchange, Payroll, Taxes
  • Purchasing - Pricing - Distribution, Invoice Management/Issuance, pricing history, billing price changes - cost outstanding vouchers.
  • Inventory Tracking - Storage spacing, Group Sets, Color - Size, Exclusive items, In-house costing, Warehouse invoices.
  • Recording and reporting for all operations in the system.