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Payroll Applications for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

  • Personnel Payroll - Personnel Management, Benefits, Funds, Liquidation, Payroll preparation, Salary analysis, Planning and implementation of leave-days retroactively.
  • Payroll Calculation (Batch Process)
  • Payroll cards
  • Payroll Balance Statements
  • Accounting Article
  • Personnel Data Reports
  • Payroll Preparation - Penalties, Sick-days, Cash deficits, Absences, Other earnings, Vacation-days.
  • Cost Centers
  • Attendance - Hour management, Employee card control, Analytical report of hours worked.
  • Insurance Funds - Social Security Contributions, Updated submission errors.
  • Advances - Loans - Cash advance facilities, Redemptions (Pay offs)
  • Auditing Printouts - Payroll - third party fees - compensations, payments, duplicate payments, Loans-cash-advance facilities, etc.
  • Payroll Tax Degrees - Insurance deductions, solidarity levy
    Backward Payments - Wage increase, calculation of back-payments, summation of back-payments.
  • Third party fees - Management / List of Third Party members' printout, Data entry Balance sheets, statements.
  • Statements / Certificates - Payroll Tax (FMY) Form, Earnings/Compensation Statement, Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) for marital subsidy statement, Termination of employment contract, Board Member - Payroll Statement (for companies that employ over 50 employees), Denunciation of contract (OAED), Work Inspection status






  • It has an advanced, flexible and user-friendly interface.
  • It has an advanced managerial information system.
  • It has an enriched and scaled functionality that covers small and medium sized businesses.
  • It has great potential of adjustment and expansion in order to meet every intricate need as it appears on the daily business operation.
  • It uses the flexibility of the Windows environment. Additionally, it exploits the benefits and capabilities of the SQL Server Database.
  • It has an advanced security system for the protection of the data based on the user access rights.