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Payroll Applications for Midsize and Large Businesses

Includes the Select Payroll Modules and also:

  • Collective Labor Agreements - Activity Code Number (CAD) Management, Specialties Codes, Coverage Package Codes, Insurance Funds CAD.
  • Payroll Audit - Employees with missing data (Social Security Number [AMKA], Cost Centers, Insurance card number, identity card, AME)
  • Payroll Preparation
  • Printouts-Reports - Social Security Organization (IKA) - Other Insurance funds, Cash advances, Cash facilities, Loans
  • Payroll Payments - Payments, Payments via bank.
  • Special Applications - Back-payments, Gift Certificates, Payroll budget.
  • Statistics - Budgeted payroll - Payroll analysis per month, Monthly bonus analysis, Monthly employment survey, Quarterly statistical report, Analysis of employment information - Compensation, Current staff, Statistical analysis of previous years, Actuarial study, cost per employee, etc.
  • Payroll Scales - Payroll taxes, Tax deductions, Leave-days, Compensation- bonuses, Insurance deductions.
  • File Management and Preparation to be submitted Electronically for:
    - the Greek Ministry of Labor, Social Security, and Welfare
    - Analytical Periodic Statement (APD) for Social Security Organizations such as IKA and OAEE, as well as TSMEDE, TEAYET, etc.
  • Staff Evaluation - Staff/executives evaluation, Training, Training duration, Training organizations, Venues, Certificates, Executives' evaluation / Performance, Configuration of evaluation (quality-performance, mood - mentality, etc).



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  • It has an advanced, flexible and user-friendly interface.
  • It has an advanced managerial information system.
  • It has an enriched and scaled functionality that covers small and medium sized businesses.
  • It has great potential of adjustment and expansion in order to meet every intricate need as it appears on the daily business operation.
  • It uses the flexibility of the Windows environment. Additionally, it exploits the benefits and capabilities of the SQL Server Database.
  • It has an advanced security system for the protection of the data based on the user access rights.