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Applications for large enterprises and groups of companies

Includes all the Business Plus and Payroll Plus modules (and Select Retail if it is a Retail Company) and also:

  • Short-term - Annual Results - Automated accounting settlement (monthly - annual), Balance Sheet, Forecasting (Time settlement of expenses - revenues), Census and Statements Ledger, Cash Flows, Sales per CAD, Reference System (Sales, Sales Returns, Discounts, Payroll, Operational Expenses, Advertisement expenses, inventories etc.)
  • Contracts - Agreements - Bank contracts (loans, mortgages, guarantees, Leasing, Sale and Lease-Back), Software companies, Insurance companies, the Government, Link with general - Analytical Accounting, Link with short-term financial results.
  • Cash Register Statements - Automated updates of retail sales through POS, Automated updates of wholesale sales through costing, automated data entry, Central Auditing System (CAS) - electronic signature, Link with general - Analytical Accounting.
  • Printouts - Reports - Cash Flows reports, Store details reports, Daily - monthly balance report, control of Z numbering report, Retail register sales auditing report.
  • Cash Flows - Automated updates from the subsystems, List of tax liabilities - Insurance funds - Loans - Leasing, Daily, Weekly, monthly, yearly data of cash collections and payments.
  • Forecasting CASH FLOW - Automatic updates from the subsystems.
  • Currency Exchange - Daily exchange sheet, currency valuation, customer valuation - supplier valuation - representatives valuation - promissory notes valuation, link with general and subsidiary accounting systems, link with monthly income statements.
  • Agreements - Provisions - Customer agreements, supplier agreements, benefits calculation and forecasting, link with monthly income statements.