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Applications for Retail Businesses

  • Point Of Sales (POS) applications - Initial collection, file creation - special offers, retail sales from POS, Analysis per item, Statistics
  • EDI Applications - Invoice updates from system, ΕΑΝ Location.
  • Warehouse Management Applications - File maintenance from sequential file, Number of items/stores report, Stock, Specialized items, Buyers' Card, Store Chains.
  • Store Orders/Receipts - Suppliers/Representatives management, Product management per supplier, Supplier visitation scheduling (orders), Ordering, Scheduling of deliveries, Delivery (quantitative qualitative), Returned items management, Reports, Transport daily report sheet, Delivery costing, Ordering approval, Census command, Assortment per store, Store areas (zones).
  • Special Pricing Applications - Retail special pricing, wholesale, Brochures, price list, Competition pricing, Reports per supplier (printouts).
  • Loyalty Application - Private Label Management, Points management (item), Points management (Supplier), Supplier points processing, Price alteration updates, Bonus/discount management, Marketing / Brochure, Store reports.
  • Cost Control - Price comparison, Cost history, supplier cost estimate, pricing audit, Last cost price management, Retail-wholesale control reports.
  • M.I.S. Applications- Gross profit per store, Item profitability, warehouse control (price, quantity), Integrated information about the activities of the company
  • Store Resources - Durable (fixed) store equipment (management), location equipment, Personnel management, work shifts / attendance sheet / evaluation, payroll, output, reports.



  • It has an advanced, flexible and user-friendly interface.
  • It has an advanced managerial information system.
  • It has an enriched and scaled functionality that covers small and medium sized businesses.
  • It has great potential of adjustment and expansion in order to meet every intricate need as it appears on the daily business operation.
  • It uses the flexibility of the Windows environment. Additionally, it exploits the benefits and capabilities of the SQL Server Database.
  • It has an advanced security system for the protection of the data based on the user access rights.