Consolidated Results and Financial Statements

The Consolidated Financial Statements Applications is ideal for groups of companies wishing to monitor the companies in the group on a daily basis.

The user has the ability to connect to all companies on a single screen, while at the same time she/he can select a specific company to view. With the simple click of a button, the “closing” of the companies and the group (short-term, annual results, depreciation of assets, balance sheet, accounting, etc.) are commenced.

This Consolidated Financial Statements Applications have the ability to automatically generate a Consolidated Balance Sheet, Profit / Loss Statement, Changes in Equity Statement as well as a Cash Flow Statement and the net position of the group. The above-mentioned financial statements are created separately for each company that is a member of the group.


Creation of a consolidated balance sheet and balance sheet for each company separately.

Checks on the share capital of the group with the share capital of the parent company.

Creation of accounting entries for the elimination of intragroup transactions of the group companies.

Ability of consolidation of companies that participate in the group with different methods of consolidation (equity, total consolidation, etc.).