Consolidation-Division of Companies, Division of Industry

Our company, due to its many years of presence in the field of Information Technology and also in the field of financial and consulting services, has the specialized personnel to undertake and carry out the Company’s Consolidations-Breakdowns and Branches. Having specialized expertise in particular economic and tax issues has created a variety of programs that help the user accomplish the Unification-Split-Separation. In conjunction with the Module of Agreements, it is ensured that all necessary work has been done quickly, reliably and properly informed of all individual subsystems.


Creating a Disbursement Balance Sheet.

Separation of accounting entries for each subsystem of the new companies when it comes to sector break-up or spin-off.

Accounting entries of positive or negative goodwill per asset for the calculation of depreciation in the new companies.

Create closing and opening records in case of splitting and tearing in a completely automatic way.