Cash Flow – Budget

The cash flow budgeting application is the business owner’s and top management secret weapon, as it is a modern tool for monitoring both the company’s net worth and its liquidity. It automatically collects the data from the various subsystems of the ERP and provides solutions in line with the current laws on how to schedule the payments of various obligations, and is designed to give a full report of your company’s cash flow status. In addition, it allows for the monitoring of all of the company’s obligations to the staff, third parties and the government, as well as the needs/requirements of customers, personnel, third parties etc. Moreover, it has the ability to carry out comparative analyses with previous years, budget analyses, credit policies and other strategic movements based on future receivables-payables. Based on this important and unique information, your company can create an effective business plan.


No data entry required. The program automatically draws all the necessary data from the various subsystems of the ERP system.

Full picture of your business’s real-time financial situation.

Fully up to date and in line with the latest laws on cash receivables and payables.

All amounts are balanced, except for the projected sales and purchases, with the accounting system.