Receivable-Payable Rents

The rent subset of programs provides the opportunity to record all details regarding rents, receivables or payable in special files within the program. The Contracts Programs include all the complexity of a rental contract and based on this, the accounting entries of the payables or the rent requirements are set up automatically both in the program’s subsystem and in the General-Analytical Accounting. In this way, we reduce the amount of man-hours to be worked and at the same time, have reliable information. The subsystem also includes the issuance of all necessary statements (E2 form—Relative to the letting of real estate) and attached statements (E3—attached statement of the letting of real estate).


Manage the lease and rental contracts in detail and accurately and receive complete and valid information.

Have the ability to issue all the necessary statements and rentals agreements of your company.

Automate rental records data input and eliminate time-consuming and complex manual tasks.

Save time and increase the productivity and performance of your employees.