Wholesale Trade & Distribution, Imports

For a company that operates in the Wholesale Trade sector, Select ERP is the ideal solution to automate and simplify your business processes. In addition to the core modules of Select ERP (e.g., managing orders, sales, purchases, warehouses), you have additional tools. In particular, you will be able to develop your own pricing policies and manage your inventory seamlessly by supporting multiple warehouses, lot numbers, maximum and minimum stocks, etc. Combined with the Mobility Application features, we eliminate office borders and offers solutions to manage your orders including your network of vendors and pricing.

Monitor routes for customers, storage, and distribution of third-party goods, all using one program.

Track your orders abroad from pre-order (import pre-order) to completion. At any time, you know the exact date of delivery, the place of loading, the cost of transport and the supplies required by foreign companies.


Time saved by using automated processes.

Upgrade in the quality of services your business offers.

Proper monitoring and management of your inventory.

Your staff can be informed directly—even when they are out of the office—helping them to make the right decisions.