Financial Reports & Monthly/Interim/Annual Financial Statements

Select Software provides its clients with Financial Reports & Monthly-Interim-Annual Financial Statements and Reporting Services through the innovative implementation of our Short-Term—Annual Results Applications.

On a daily basis, the system generates reports and print outs for a clear image of the company’s finances. The software automatically generates a complete and accurate balance sheet. This is achieved through a series of processes that include updates, checks, and agreements of the subsystems with accounting, the creation and reversing entries of projections where appropriate, inventory costing, and more. In addition, the program makes all the necessary closing entries and issues a number of financial statements, covering not only the company’s tax obligations, but also all the information reports (print outs) needed by the user and are required for the analysis of the financial statements.

In this way, other than the valid and documented information, it is possible—in the event of an audit by the tax authorities—that the company’s books are reliably updated and fully checked, at any given time.

The Process