Select ERP is a comprehensive and flexible solution designed and developed with the latest Oracle tools. ORACLE 12C uses state-of-the-art technology, combining Application Server WEBLOGIC, Oracle Database 12C and Application Express (APEX). Select ERP provides a wide array of functionalities to business management level as well as the end-user to customize and personalize the work environment, access from anywhere, as well as overall control of results and tasks. Select ERP also provides a complete view of the business from one view, upgradeability, easy addition of new features, or customization of processes according to your company’s current needs. Select ERP communicates and exchanges data with other information systems online using all the latest database management tools.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Forms and Reports 12c
The advanced capabilities provided by Oracle tools that Select ERP has implemented offer businesses a modern work environment, secure and fast communications between remote jobs and complete customization. The latest version, 12c, provides the option of cloud and mobility technology.

Application Server Oracle WebLogic
Along with 12c, Oracle is upgrading its Application Server, which is the best on the market and fully in line with Java EE technology with richer functionality, zero downtime for multiple data center environments, and greater control and security for installed applications.

Application Express (APEX)
Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a web-based software development environment that draws information from an Oracle database. It is included in all versions of the Oracle database, installed by default and is fully supported. APEX can be used to build complex web applications that can work on most web browsers.

Business Intelligence Expansion
The use of ORACLE 12c, enables scalability in B.I. (Business Intelligence) and on-demand reporting (through Business Objects), and all ORACLE management tools such as SQL Developer.

Effective Remote Access
The method of exchanging data during remote access to the system is optimized to ensure the shortest possible response time, regardless of the means (Leased line or ADSL-VDSL broadband or Mobile Internet) used to connect to the Internet.