The Select ERP Package includes a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning Information System which can be customized to easily adapt to the needs and requirements of any business, regardless of size or industry. More specifically, the Select ERP system enables you to simplify, optimize, and speed up routine tasks and procedures by reducing runtime. Thus, you save money on business resources allowing you to increase productivity. Also, provides quality services, allowing you to provide a high level of customer service to your clients. It can be implemented in a wide range of financial, accounting and business activities providing instant, timely and valid information. Select ERP package – The most powerful tool for your business that gives you the solutions you need.

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Select Erp Business

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Select Erp Business Plus

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Select Erp Professional

Core Modules


Minimize costs. Achieve better organization and exploitation of business data and resources.

System Security. Data protection from unauthorized users. Ability to categorize authorized users based on access rights and role assignments.

Accurate Information and Speed. Quick invoice entry, automatic updating between application subsystems, automation of time-consuming processes.

Mobility. Information on the move in real time. Give flexibility to your people wherever they are. Respond directly to your customers’ requirements.

Customization-Expandability. Fully customizable with maximum expandability. It covers all the specific operational needs of your business as it evolves.

Upgrading a system. Automatically update the system with the new versions available.